Mothers often have questions and concerns about breastfeeding. You want what’s best for your baby. Nursing From The Heart has skilled experienced healthcare professionals available to answer breastfeeding questions, assist with meeting breastfeeding goals and help when difficulties arise. Breastfeeding can be challenging and often stressful, but help is available. An experienced International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) specializing in breastfeeding education, clinical management and lactation care can minimize the challenges and reduce the stress allowing more time for mom to enjoy motherhood and her baby.

Let an experienced lactation consultant aid in preventing most breastfeeding challenges with prenatal and postnatal breastfeeding education, support and/or a lactation consultation.

Breastfeeding Educationbaby3

The information from our Breastfeeding Education Sessions are based on the latest research and will include, but not limited to: Skin-to-Skin, Hand Expression, How Breastfeeding Works, Latch and Positioning, When to Feed Your Baby, Getting Enough Milk, Breast Care, Breastfeeding Lifestyle and much more to know how to improve your breastfeeding success. As part of your session, you will receive a Parent Guide to Understanding Breastfeeding, which also provides free access to all the book content and video clip for up to 6 months. All our of classes are offered at our location on a group or one-on-one session basis.

pregnant-group-imagesPrenatal Breastfeeding Classes Learn about the benefits of breastfeeding,  what to expect with breastfeeding, essential tips and techniques on supporting and holding your baby, how to determine if you have a proper latch and ways to improve your latch, discuss any concerns you have about breastfeeding before delivery and beyond.

Private Breastfeeding Class One-on-One session Can’t make a breastfeeding class with your work or school schedule; help ease your mind about any concerns or questions you may have about breastfeeding before delivery and beyond. Schedule a customized one-on-one session for you and your partner or support person and receive all the information a group class has to offer within the convenience of your schedule.

Back-to-Work/School Office Consultation  One-on-One session Help ease any concerns you may have about returning to work or school and beyond. Learn what to expect, how to maintain your milk supply and tips to prepare for returning back to work or school.

* Additional fees may apply for extended sessions.

Lactation ConsultationsHome and Office Visits Available**

DSC_0103Your breastfeeding goals are important to us and we aim to provide support and services to help improve breastfeeding outcomes for our families. Need assistance with latching your baby, concerned about your baby’s weight or your milk supply? As Lactation Consultants, we specialize in breastfeeding education, clinical management and lactation care providing assistance with breastfeeding concerns.

A Lactation Consultation provides breastfeeding education and help with, but not limited to: latch and breastmilk transfer concerns, low milk supply/oversupply, prematurity, newborn jaundice, tongue/lip ties, pumping protocols, sore, inverted and flat nipples, plugged ducts, mastitis and breastfeeding multiples.

Lactation Consultations typically includes a complete history of mother and baby, review of concerns, goals and any previous history of lactation issues, assessment of mother and baby, feeding assessment with pre and post weight checks, written feeding plan and instructions, anticipatory guidance, report findings to baby’s and/or mother’s primary care doctor as indicated. Contact our office to schedule your Lactation Consultation with us

**Extra fees may apply with extended appointments and travel time, weekend/evening services and twins/multiples.

Breastfeeding Education & Consultation Packages are available – Contact our office to customize your package today.

Newborn EducationUnderstanding Your Newborn One-on-One session Have questions or concerns about newborn care? Our Newborn Education Session provides information based on the latest research which includes, but not limited to: newborn traits and behaviors, crying and comforting, feeding, diapering, bathing, nail care and dressing, newborn health and safety. As part of your 1-hour session, you will receive a Parent Guide to Understanding Your Newborn, which also provides access to a free companion web app for up to 6 months with all of the book content, 22 helpful videos, 100 web pages; to include trackers, checklists, parent polls, weekly emails, resources and much more!

Scale Rentals

IMG_0041 It’s not uncommon, especially in the early weeks and months, for parents to wonder or have concerns whether their breastfed baby is getting enough breastmilk. On average, infants gain 5-8 ounces per week the first four months of life. If you are having concerns, we offer lactation consultations, weight checks, weekly and monthly scale rentals. Rental scales are intended for healthy infants and toddlers under 44 pounds. Weekly Rental $25, Monthly Rental $60. Contact our office to schedule an appointment or reserve your scale rental.