consult-01Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes**

Our Prenatal Breastfeeding Class given by a Board Certified Lactation Consultant provides evidence based information to expectant parents to help prepare them for their breastfeeding journey before delivery and beyond.

Class topics include the benefits of breastfeeding, how breastfeeding works, what to expect, essential tips and techniques on positioning and supporting your baby, proper latch, breast care and more. As part of the class, you will receive a Parent Guide to Understanding Breastfeeding, which also provides access to a free companion web app for up to 6 months with all of the book content, 19 helpful videos, 90 web pages and more.


Contact our office directly to learn more about class schedule.

**Pre-registration and payment is required to attend prenatal classes. To reserve your seat today visit: Class Pre-Registration.

Private 1-on-1 session are also available to suit individual schedules.

Although we do not currently complete billing for insurance, other than for Aetna plans, most health insurance plans cover prenatal breastfeeding education (preventive care) with little to no cost therefore billing receipts are provided upon request. Contact your insurance company directly to verify eligibility and filing instructions.

* Dates subject to change.